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Make it a taste to remember

We use only the finest ingredients in our luxury, light and tasty pastries that will make your customers return again and again. Our Master Baker is one of the finest in the country and been baking since 1986.

Our jumbo scone is organic and is also available as gluten free, sugar free and vegan with plain, fruit, cherry and almond and cheese.

Scones, Cup Cakes & Sponges

Choose from ready baked to ready to bake, all are freshly frozen to encapsulate the flavours. Orders are available for one off or ongoing requirements with quick delivery and excellent service to meet your needs.


Our Scone Options

  • Classic Plain - a classic stone baked with country butter and free range eggs to give a mouth watering taste and light texture.
  • Fruit - as the classic with a choice of premium cherries or sultanas.
  • Cheese - as the classic with the finest West Country cheddar added to give a real bite.
  • Sugar Free - a superb cherry & almond scone ideal for diabetes sufferers.
  • Organic - as the classic but with all organic ingredients.
  • Gluten Free - all the above are available as a gluten free option.
  • Vegan - using non dairy ingredients to vegan specification.
  • Other dough based products are available. Please contact us with your requirements.